Daily Prompt: Filthy

via Daily Prompt: Filthy

Ah yes… the enemy of all mothers and OCD sufferers.  I don’t live in filth by any means, but I’m not immaculate either.  I do believe that children deserve to be filthy.  That if they are filthy they are having a good child hood.  They are making memories that they will remember fondly for the rest of their lives.

If they have ice cream on their faces and running down their arms, they’ve enjoyed a cool treat on a hot day.  If there is watermelon juice running down their chins and dripping on their knees they are having a good time probably at family function.  If they’re grass stains on the knees of their jeans it means they’ve been out running around and playing with their friends.  The list goes on but frankly in my eyes if a child isn’t filthy whether it be food, clothes or their room whatever, they aren’t having a good a childhood.


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