I need joy!

Have you ever been just going about your day and suddenly, you’re so depressed you can barely look up?  What’s that about? I was watching TV and someone on one of my favorite shows asked “Have we used all of our happy?” It made me wonder if they were right? Do we get a finite amount of happy?

No, I don’t believe that because I go up and down like a leaky balloon.  At one point in this day I was sighing and falling down like I had a super big hole in my balloon.  I took a deep breath (possibly refilling my balloon?) and immediately started feeling better.   So what does it all mean? Am I nuts? Am I psycho? Oh Lord I’m calling myself out? Do I need to see someone? Am I an island unto myself? Oh good grief I’m asking tons of questions and quite frankly I have no answers.  Does that alone make me crazy? Wow, how did I go from no joy to crazy?

Ah well the cheese stands alone.

To be continued…



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