Our luck suck!

Ok boys and girls, here it is…  It’s the last day of our vacation, we packed up the RV to head home from Eureka Springs AR.  As we were making our way through the Ozark Mountains we were discussing our day unaware of anything that might have been going wrong.  As we at last came down off the last of the curvy steep roads, a pickup that had been behind us came tearing around us, blowing his horn and pointing to the side of the road.  I looked at my husband and was like what the hell? My husband looked at me with the same bewildered expression.  I mean did we piss the guy off by going to slow? Was something wrong? Dear Lord!  As we rounded the corner and came to an interstate intersection, we see pick up guy, he’s stopped and he’s waving his hands to get our attention.  We had already decided  to pull over and check the rig to see if something was wrong.

We pulled over the guy ran up to us and was like your tires were smoking and you were leaving trails of rubber as you dragged a tire.  Come to find out the leaf spring holder that helps separate the axels on our rig broke!  I mean we would have gone on clueless if the good samaratan hadn’t stopped us to let us know.  Thank you Good Samartan!

We have now been sitting on the side of an Arkansas highway for 4 hours now.  The welder that we were able to get a hold of has arrived and is working on our rig.  Please keep your fingers crossed.  

We had even called our friend who lives in Rogers only a mere 30 minutes from where we broke down and he said that it’d probably be hard to get a welder today of all days because “wait for it” it’s opening day of deer hunting season!!!  So needless to say the first 4 or 5 people we called didn’t answer their phone because we are assuming they are deer hunting…

I love living in my rig full time, I love taking my RV on our vacation.  I now am in a living hell because my home is stranded and we are both due back at work on Monday in Kansas City…  


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