For married eyes only…

Ok, I have to share this little fun fact that my husband swears he heard from Dr. Oz…  He swears that it’s healthy to smell his farts!  That it will help ward off dementia.  Now on one hand you have to pause and think seriously? Is this true? On the other hand you kind of want to go GROSS! 

Now having been married to my hubby for 6 years and being together for 2 years before that I can’t say that I haven’t “crop dusted” my husband many times.  For those of you that aren’t aware of what that means I will elaborate.  It means you fart as you walk by someone and keep walking letting the smell wash over your intended victim.

The hubby and I can’t seem to stop giggling like hyenas whenever we fart in each others presence.  As middle aged adults we can’t seem to act our age in that arena.  I mean seriously who can?  Why are farts so funny?  I know we can’t be the only family out there that laughs when the ketchup bottle farts? So admit it! FARTS ARE FUNNY! 

Although having said that, as I’m writing this entry, my loving hubby is snoring and farting like a machine gun in his sleep.  God I love that man!  and no ladies he’s taken!  He’s all mine (wink, wink) 

Just remember ladies, when your hubby farts he’s just trying to keep your mental facilites in tact…


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