Lone Star Rally 2016

The hubby and I hooked up the RV and headed down south the Galveston, TX!  It took us 2 days to drive the 800+ miles…  We stayed at an RV park on Galveston Island.  It’s been years since I’ve seen the ocean, I lived on a Caribbean Island for 3 years but since then I’ve lived in the Heartland so I don’t see the ocean a lot.

We rode our motorcycle on the Seawall and I was in heaven.  I mean smelling the salt air, seeing the waves break…  We hooked up with friends and walked around the rally.  We saw vendors, we saw some really cool bikes and we ate a lot of fried food.  It was awesome!  

I also got to see my nephew play hockey.  He’s only 8 and I’m not a hockey fan, but I couldn’t help but cheer as he glided across the ice and did his best to make a goal.

Now the hubby and I are making our way slowly home.  We stopped for a day in Texarkana.  I stood with a foot in Texas and Arkansas at the same time.  While living Kansas City gives me the ability to do the same I don’t think I’ve ever done it and for some reason doing it in Texas and Arkansas gave me a thrill.  I have took a selfie showing this amazing feat.  Insert laugh here! 


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