Daily Prompt: Generous

via Daily Prompt: Generous

I love the idea of being generous.  I do feel good when I give to others.  I also feel good when I do things for others.  The sad part about being generous? Is that it doesn’t have that I just had an orgasm feel that people pursue.  I mean sex, drugs, alcohol these are all things that make you feel extreme “feelings” that’s why people get addicted to them.  Those extreme feelings are hard to ignore once you’ve had a “taste”.

While being generous makes your heart feel full, makes you feel warm and fuzzy it doesn’t produce the zing that people go crazy for.  And that’s why I feel sad when I think of being generous.  You’ve got the folks that have devoted their lives to being generous to others and while they inspire me to be a better person, others take advantage because they feel that if that person is handling the generosity they don’t have to.

So while on the face generous is a good thing, but do we treat it as such? I hope I do.  That’s what I aspire to.


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