Daily Prompt: Fierce

via Daily Prompt: Fierce

Honestly? The first thing that goes through my mind with “Fierce” is Tyra Banks and America’s Next Top Model!!! I loved that show.  My daughter and I used to watch it religiously.  We would get our favorites that we would root for week after week.  We would boo the girls that I swear they only picked so America would have someone to hate.

Otherwise “fierce” means to me?  It means attitude, it means a devil may care, take no crap attitude!  Now can that be bad? Sure people take it too far or take it to a dark place and being “fierce” suddenly is not what it’s meant.  I think meek and timid women can use some “fierce” to make themselves heard!  I think they can be “fierce” to give themselves the self confidence to make something of themselves and of their lives.  If I already wasn’t outspoken (ha ha) then I could use “fierce” to be noticed.  You’ve never heard of a wall flower being fierce have you? I haven’t!

So Ladies!  Go forth and be “fierce”!


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