Ah the end of summer…

Labor Day weekend is here! The official end of summer!  The beginning of the new school year.  Of course all of my kids are adults and out of the house, so I am enjoying  not having to fight the other moms in the school supply aisle at Wal-Mart.  But I am still sitting here trying to get my calendar organized, trying to get Christmas projects done etc.

My husband says that half of my stress is self imposed.  I wonder if that’s true? I mean I enjoy Christmas and lately since I’ve dived back into crocheting I’ve been giving at least 1 homemade gift along with purchased gifts.  For example last year the kids each got a crocheted hat (in colors that meant something to them) and a gift card.  Year before that I made everyone a tie dyed shirt or item plus a gift card.

Well as you can guess hand making the gifts takes time.  I still work full time (insert sad face here) plus since hubby travels for his job, usually 5 days out of 7, all household chores and responsibilities fall to guess who? Yes, me!  So basically I’m saddled with a job that I’m tired of, I mean I’ve been working at the same company for 20 years now, I’m pooped! Plus taking care of the RV that we live in, granted we don’t have half of the responsibilities that a house does, but there are specific chores that are specific to an RV.  To save those of you with sensitive stomach an upheaval I’ll skip the specifics on those chores.

So back to hubby saying I create my own stress, he says that if I didn’t worry about anything but taking care of myself that my stress would decrease, my health would improve and I would have less stuff to worry about.  IS HE NUTS??? I mean seriously, I’m a woman!  It’s our job to nurture the children right? I mean I know they are adults and quite frankly my step kids are cordial to me but if I fell off a cliff I doubt they’d care too much, but I can’t help myself.  I really can’t!  Plus and not to be too corny, but I enjoy making stuff for people.  Because I delude myself in thinking they enjoy using whatever item I’ve made for them.  Not everyone does and that’s fine, but hey, whatever delusions I enjoy why take those from me?

Ah well onto making my projects and thinking everyone enjoys them!


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