What a week!

Wow, it’s been a week.  My midwest life has been a little stressful this week.  We are trying to get a new RV.  The current one we live in is driving me nuts!  So we are trying to get a new one, but lo and behold did you know that most banks and lenders won’t finance you if you don’t live in a house or an apartment of some kind? That if you are a “nomad” it’s very hard to get financing.  So I’ve been dealing with that (eye roll)…

I’ve also recently hired a personal trainer to get my fat, old ass into shape.  I’m fat and I have arthritis and I’m only 42!  I mean seriously! I creak when I walk and even getting enough speed to “walk” is painful these days.  When did my stuff wear out? I remember doing things even 10 years ago that I can’t even possibly consider doing today, isn’t that crazy? I mean when did I get “old”?

Wow I am proof reading the 2 paragraphs above and I’m like…  (shake my head) my thoughts are all over the board, ping pong balls see less action than my thoughts today.  Is that part of the aging process? I’ve been trying to do the Daily Prompts this site gives you for inspiration so I’ve been writing at least daily because of that, so am I running out of stuff already? And because of that I have to discuss my life?

As I write about my life, I still have this fantasy that suddenly I’m going to get all these followers and because my blog is so witty and funny someone will come to me and want to make a movie out of my life…  But then I proofread my previous posts and I’m like “yeah right” that’s never going to happen.  Yet I continue to write as often as I can.  Some people say that I have too much hope.  Hey Hope Springs Eternal right?


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