Hmmm, what to say? I think I read the paragraph about writers block too many times! Or maybe it’s the specific topic? So let’s start with something simple then. I agree that people should be praised when they do good, well or great! It’s a simple thing to make someone feel good by acknowledging them. I know I feel warm and fuzzy when someone says good job! Or I really love what you crocheted me, or thanks for bringing that to me etc.

I think that simple courtesy or caring has taken a back seat these days. I read a poem years ago that stuck with me and the premise of the poem is that you will say excuse me, please, sorry and thank you to strangers on the street, but you will scold your child for being in your way when you’re trying to get something done at home. So basically you’re giving a stranger on the street more courtesy than you give a loved one. That really stuck with me and I’ve tried to be courteous to my loved ones more so than I was before I read the poem.

So yes I think that “praise” is a great thing!  Banana_Minion-wallpaper-10568960


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