I am writing today, first for no reason, then when I pulled up the site I saw the “craving” as a daily prompt and I was like I want to participate. So here I am. Craving oh boy do I ever. I quit smoking so my #1 craving is smoking. I quit 2 years ago but frankly I miss it a LOT. Sometimes I think about it a LOT other days not so much. Also I’m a middle aged fat woman, so I crave junk food a LOT! My husband travels for his job so I crave sex a LOT. Wow saying all of that out loud makes me realize I crave a LOT of stuff!

My friend always says “You and your 1st world problems”. I know she’s trying to keep things in perspective but some days I’m like “hey! just because I’m not poor and starving doesn’t mean I don’t have problems!” I would never say that of course but still the mean thought does cross the hemispheres of my brain every now and then. I mean seriously though, if my daily life dilemmas don’t include food and shelter are they less important? Are they even dilemmas? I guess some days I just don’t have it in me to be selfless and nice and considerate of others. Is that an excuse for selfishness? I feel like I’m walking on infinity loop with this line of questioning.

Just another one of the 1st world problems circling around inside my hard headed noggin.


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