Hmm, what to talk about?

Who out there is tired of politics? Tired of speculating? Tired of the Facebook posts? Tired of the mud slinging commercials on both radio and TV? What’s happened to us? And in reality has anything happened? I mean seriously I doubt this is new behavior for the human race, I think we are aware now because everyone has access to the media.  Jack the Ripper might have been more well known back in the day if there had been say TV? At the least…

But anyway I’m tired of hearing what a horrible person Hilary Clinton is, despite all the mud slinging she’s got enough people to look beyond her “mistakes”…  I’m tired of the hype over Donald Trump because again he’s got enough supporters that he is a candidate so…  I just wish the Electoral College would vote and end the mud slinging!  But then what would get reported on the news? Oh that’s right the murders of police officers and black people.  I heard a broadcast on NPR the other day from the 3 founders of Black Lives Matter and one of the founders clearly stated when asked about All Lives Matter, “NO ALL LIVES DON’T MATTER, ONLY BLACK LIVES MATTER” I almost fell out of my chair.  But you know what? That’s her thought and I don’t blame her for it.  She’s black so that’s who she cares about.  I am white and I care about white people, but when I do it, it’s racist.  I do find that funny.  Anyway I guess when the Presidential Election is over I’ll go back to being the great white oppressor (although as a middle class worker bee) I am not sure how that is possible.

One good thing about no one reading my blog is that I can say what I want on the world wide web and I don’t get any flack from it! Well have a great day! I utter to myself.


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