Crochet? Or not to Crochet?

I don’t know if in all my ramblings if I mentioned that I’m addicted to crocheting.  I learned when I was a little girl, my grandmother taught me.  She taught me the stitches but that was it, I couldn’t read a pattern and I couldn’t make anything other than blankets because I didn’t know how.  Then about 3 years ago someone made the comment that you can find a video on YouTube to teach you anything.  So I went on to YouTube and sure enough found a TON of instructional videos on crocheting.  I slowly but surely started making various items.  I started with a very simple beanie hat I made for the hubby.  He literally wore it out.

For the last 2 years everyone has gotten a little crocheted something for Christmas.  As a matter of fact right now, I’m currently working on this years Christmas gifts…  Plus I’m always starting something I find interesting and want to crochet.  Currently I have 2 shawls started, a pair of shorts and a unicorn.  I’ve just recently finished a diaper clutch and a new hat for the hubby.  Plus I’ve got a purse that just needs a button added to be complete (yet another Christmas gift)…  I’ve got enough yarn to start my own store and there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day for me to work, get my stuff done and crochet.  I mean I crochet at work on breaks and lunch.  If I get home early enough in the evening I try and get a couple of hours worth of crocheting done.

Ah well as my friend says, middle class problems!


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