Stupid Question

Okay everyone, (yes I know) I have an extremely stupid question.  With the exception of The Walking Dead, why do all the zombie books and movies I’ve seen to date take place in England?

I’ve read several very good zombie apocalypse books and they are all based in England.  Funnily enough there are all trying to get to the U.S. thinking that our country will be their salvation.  I know that given all of the “current events” that this is  at the height of stupidity but it’s just something that’s been circling around my brain for a while now, especially since I started a new zombie series, based in (wait for it) England.

I like to read all kinds of books, I’m also a huge movie buff…  So basically what I’m saying is that my brain is filled with all kinds of stupid questions because of scenarios I’ve either read about in books and seen in movies. I torture my husband constantly with these questions too, like for instance while watching The Walking Dead I look at my husband and ask him if he thinks we would be dead, a zombie, or survivor? He looks at me like I’m daft and says “Of course we would be one of the first people killed.  Worker bees always are.”  Then I have to stop and wonder if we would be one of the lucky ones who were immune to the virus that takes out 3/4 of the worlds population? Or would we get the sniffles and be one of the first ones dead? I mean which would be better? To go in the first wave or survive to the end?

Then you have the invasion movies, again would be prisoners? Or would we be cannon fodder for the aliens? I don’t really feel that I have what it takes to lead a rebellion but then again you never know until you’re in those circumstances right?


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