Finding Dory

Yes, my granddaughter and my husband and I are going to see Finding Dory tonight.  I can’t wait.  I enjoy taking my granddaughter to what she calls the “movieshow” and to get her popcorn, which is her favorite snack!

My granddaughter Preslie is 4 years old and the apple of my eye.  She is my first grandchild and cute as a pixie.  She has her mother’s blond hair and my blue eyes, which I’m thankful both my children have gotten from me.  She is smart as whip and keeps me on my toes when she comes over.  She loves to come and stay at our camper with me.  We also love taking her out on our boat, which I’m hoping we will be able to do tomorrow.  But as always life has a way of interfering with plans.

Of course we are having a horrible heat wave here in the great state of Missouri, so of course AC units are working overtime and breaking down real quick.  We live in our camper which I’ve stated before and in this case it has bearing on the heat, because we are at the lake and the spot we have has NO shade to speak of, so our nice little metal box we live in heats up nicely despite having the AC unit run constantly, we’ve also gone old school and put up tinfoil in all the windows.  It’s helping a little bit, but not much.  I can’t wait, one more week and then we will be on vacation.  We are taking our rig down to Eureka Springs, AR and spending a week at a tiger rescue call Turpentine Creek.  Believe it or not, they have RV spots!

We are going to spend the week riding our motorcycle through the Ozark Mountains and there is also a motorcycle trail called the Pigs Trail so we are going to explore that as well.  One other thing I’m looking forward to, is spending the night in the Crescent Moon Hotel, which is “haunted”.  We took the tour last time we were there, but were unable to secure a room, so hopefully this time we will be able to…  Of course my husband loves to mock me regarding the super natural but we shall see.


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