Summer woes…


Here it is, Friday!  The most wanted day of the week.  I mean I know I spend at least 4 days a week waiting for this day.  But my Friday is tinged with exhaustion and heat.  Our AC in our camper for some reason isn’t working worth a crap.  I came home from work yesterday and the temp inside the camper was 84 degrees.  I realize that my home a.k.a an RV is a metal box but seriously, why does the AC stop working when you need it most?

I went to the hotel for AC and the room was stuffy ugh might as well have stayed home, although I did enjoy the whirlpool tub.  I also have a dilemma, what should we do for the weekend? I know that when the hubby arrives home today (hopefully) he’ll be able to tinker with AC & get it to work otherwise I’m not sure what we will be doing…  Because for those of you who don’t live in their RV, getting service is a hassle.  All of the dealerships and RV service places take months to get into.  So if we made an appointment now, it would be for at least 3 months out which means we would have to endure the entire summer with subpar AC.

One nice thing is we are at the lake, but this weekend, we noticed every spot in the campground has been taken!  So it’s going to be a hot mess with that many people can’t wait for Monday when they will have left. Ok I guess I’ve bored ya’ll long enough, until next time…  I love pretending someone reads my blog.


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