Has anyone quit smoking recently? I did a hair over 2 years ago.  Does anyone still relish the thought of lighting up? Of enjoying that first sting of tar and nicotine? Most days I’m over the sensation of smoking, hell there are some days I actually go a full 24 hours without thinking about it.  But then there are days like today, nothing special about today, just your normal first day back after a  long weekend, so it’s inherently crappy right?  For some reason these type of days just make me want to go downstairs (I’m at work) and sit in my normal spot and light up and smoke!

Why is quitting smoking so hard? I used a hypnotist and despite that it has still been a struggle.  I have a friend, she quit smoking for years and when her mother was sick and she was away from her husband, she started smoking again.  After all was said and done she put it down as easy as she picked it up.  I have another friend who quit smoking when the cigarettes changed to fire safe.  She will occasionally smoke when she’s been drinking but otherwise no smoking.  I don’t get it.  I feel like my brain will melt from the internal struggle!

I don’t get it? I mean why are the fun, taste good, smell good, feel good stuff all bad for you? I mean smoking, it goes without saying what’s wrong there, drinking the same, drugs to for that matter.  And even sex, you got pregnancy and disease, ugh!!!  Is there anything left for us to enjoy guilt free? I mean hell even quitting smoking isn’t totally great for you, because over 90% of the time you gain weight after you quit…  Where is the irony there? I mean seriously, you’re trying to get healthy by quitting so why are you punished for quitting by gaining weight?

I know they’ve come out with these E-cigs to make smoking “healthy” but come on folks, how much longer before they come out with why the e-cigs and anything related to them are killing you now?   Plus I bought one of those e-cigs and smoked on it, it just made me want to smoke a real cigarette, it didn’t curb cravings…  In fact it made me want to smoke more so…

Oh well, I guess it’ll be something else tomorrow.


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