I posted my blog in the Community Pool because I wanted at least 1 person to read my blog.  I got my wish!  I guess it didn’t hurt that I wrote about a hotbed of political discussion right now.  I mean bathroom laws? Hotbed of discussion? But alas yes, it is.

I appreciated all the folks that took the time to comment on my blog.  No one was hateful (which in this day and age was totally refreshing!) Well now that I’ve made a splash (wink, wink) in the community pool with my opinions on the current event of bathroom laws, I guess I’ll go back to my total humdrum posts about all the charm that is me!

My oldest step daughter’s graduation ceremony was this weekend.  She graduated from K-State University.  I’m very proud of her.  Now having said that why are graduation ceremonies so boring? Listening to the staff drone on and on is boring! I came to see my child (in this case my step-child) strut her stuff across the stage, get her handshake and diploma cover.  My husband and I cheered and we were done.

I do want to point out that the Westboro Baptist Church came out to protest this graduation ceremony…  I am not sure why they felt the need, but I was educated by a person in the crowd that heard me point out the protesters to my hubby.  That because K-State was liberal in regards to the LGBT community that’s why they were there protesting.  I mean seriously? It’s a graduation folks.  Nothing political here right? We are now down to 1 more kids graduation.  My other step daughter graduates from WSU in 2 years.  So I’m sure I’ll have to blog about that too.

Happy Monday!


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