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Alrighty, shall we get down to it? Bathroom laws, I’m not even sure where to begin…  I have worked with a transgender individual and because of her transformation they put in unisex bathrooms at our work location and that was all that was said and/or done about it.

I’m sure like everything else out there someone will take advantage of the laws or lack there of and turn it into something that it was never meant to be.   As for the every day application here is my thought.  I pee before I leave my house, because if I can avoid using a public restroom (because frankly they aren’t always clean) I do.  So why can’t everyone else? I mean seriously pee before you leave your house, don’t drink a lot while you are out and if you can avoid a public restroom by all means please do.

I mean I thought the purpose of transgender was to be thought of as a certain sex.  How can you do that if you are announcing to everyone that you are of the “other” sex?   So using the bathroom at home and/or unisex and/or family restrooms that provide privacy would be the way I want to go if I’m trying to project a certain image and want that maintained.  I mean seriously how can I say I’m woman if I go around screaming I have penis and you have to be ok with that?

I see why folks don’t want the laws to be twisted by folks who would do bad things with it, so why can’t the transgender folks look at the ramifications of this law and say hey ok we don’t anyone getting hurt while I’m transforming so I’ll use the bathroom before I leave home, or I’ll find a unisex or family bathroom that will give me the privacy I need? I don’t care what folks choose to do with their lives or their bodies.  I just ask that it stopped being shoved in my face and when I don’t trip over myself to tell you how great you are for airing your dirty laundry I don’t want to be considered a racist bigot.  I find it funny how if I don’t agree with you, I’m a racist bigot, but since you’re different from me thats politically correct.  Isn’t it funny how that works? I asked a coworker the other day what happened to the signs in public establishments that said “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”.  How come as a straight, white female I no longer have that right?  These days if I exercise that right I’m a horrible person who is infringing on the rights of others.  But what no one seems to say anything about is how the those who differ from me have rights, but I no longer do…  It’s baffling to me, but hey that’s no longer politically correct so, I guess I have nothing more to say about that.


6 thoughts on “Current events…

  1. I think what’s baffling is that you are basically telling people that are transgender that instead of being able to use a public restroom they shouldn’t drink much when they are out and they should only go the bathroom at home unless there is a unisex bathroom some where nearby. I’m sure you have probably been in a restroom with someone that is transgender and not even noticed it. If the person identifies as a female but was born a male and looks like a female why should they not be allowed in the females bathroom. Would you want a women that transitioned to a male coming into the ladies room with a beard and looking like a man? I know I sure don’t so why would we make someone who identifies with another gender and looks like that gender go into the opposite genders restroom. It’s so back asswords to me that I don’t even know why people think that’s ok.

    You have plenty of rights and you still have the right to refuse someone service. But, why would you choose that as the thing that makes you want to refuse service? I feel like that has been around to protect businesses from people that come in yelling and screaming about their service or who are rude and mean to the workers. Not to someone because they are transgender or of a different color because I’m pretty sure there’s a word for that called segregation.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read & comment on my post. I am not asking transgender folks to segregate themselves. I am merely asking they do what I do to avoid public restrooms. I try to avoid them because they aren’t very clean. I have a transgender friend that went through their transformation at our work place. They put in a unisex bathroom for her so there was none of this issue.

      I think this is something we all have to sacrifice for, because frankly there are a lot of people out there that will take this law and use it to their advantage to hurt people. So why open that door when with just a little effort on all of our parts, we would all be safe & happy. Transgender folks would be able to live their life quietly with their transformation, because my understanding so is that it’s for their well being, so why would that not be private?

      I don’t want anyone to be hurt by this… I repeat ANYONE. I know it’s naive but I always ask “Why can’t we all just get along?”


      1. I guess I’m still stuck on the fact that you want them to avoid public restrooms when if you have to go you have to go. I mean on college campuses when you have super long days you aren’t going to be able to avoid using the restroom. I just think the easiest solution would be to have unisex bathrooms every where from now on. I guess I’m also stuck on the laws that some states are coming up with now to see if some one is truly transgender or not.


  2. I don’t want just “them” to avoid public restrooms, I am saying everyone needs to because they are nasty germ filled places. And yes I think they just need to dispense with separate bathrooms and start installing unisex/family bathrooms for anyone that needs to go when they are out & about. Hence the reason why I use my bathroom before I leave my house and I try not drink too much while I’m out and about so I can avoid the public restrooms.


  3. I read your post, and I’m a little stuck on the idea that transgendered people are hurting others or forcing others to make a sacrifice just by using a public restroom… Would you seriously consider abolishing public restrooms entirely to avoid allowing transgendered people that right?


    1. I have nothing against transgendered folks, each to their own. I just don’t think there needs to be a law regarding what should be a private issue. And since their transformation is temporary I don’t understand the need for a law? Of course I also don’t understand why something that should be private has become so public?


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