Quick Trip!

Ok, it’s going to be a fun weekend!  I’m flying to Philadelphia to spend the weekend with my hubby because has to be there for a training for a work.  We are going to the East State Penitentiary and the Rocky Stairs…  I can’t wait to see some of the tourist sites in Philly, I’m such a tourist because I’ve never really been to the East Coast.  Hubby was born and raised in Philly so it’s old hat to him, he’s so not impressed.  But I’m kind of excited because I like going to the various places and I like the doing the tourist thing.  One of the things I’m most looking forward to when I retire is traveling around the country in our RV and seeing things.

I’m sitting here at work counting the minutes till I can leave here and head to the airport.  I will be returning home on Sunday night alone.  Hubby has to stay in Philly for training and I’ll be spending the week alone in our Hometown.  Next weekend is Mother’s Day and I’ll be spending that with my aunt and my Grandmother who raised me after my mother died.  Then the weekend after that my oldest step-daughter is graduating from college so we are going to that then we will spend the rest of the weekend riding the motorcycle around the area for fun.

Our summer is going to be fun this year, we are going to spend a week at Turpentine Creek, which is a big cat reserve for rescued tigers and such.  That’s in Eureka Springs, AR which is also very close to the Ozark Mountains which we will be riding around in, on the motorcycle which I think will be beautiful.  Plus will give us something different to see on the motorcycle instead of the rolling hills that surround our Hometown, which we’ve seen a LOT  because we like to ride all the time.  Well whenever we can, given our schedules.  My hubby is so funny, today I told him that I had booked and paid for our stay in the cat reserve in June.  He said “What’s going to happen if one of those cats get loose and starts eating on me?” I said “I doubt they’ll get out but if they do, they’re well fed so I really doubt they’ll start munching on you.” “Are you crazy?” he says, “Of course they would eat on me, have you seen me? I’m delish!” I died laughing on the phone as I agreed with him, that yes indeed he is delish.


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