I don’t know what to type for this?

In order to not duplicate previous titles, I told the truth.  In this day and age it’s a novel idea to be sure.  It’s been a busy couple of months, truth be told it’s a super busy week, but just not sure what to discuss???  And since no one reads my pitiful little blog (although with the frequency with which I actually write, who can blame you?)

Well we’ve moved our RV up to the lake for the summer, while I’m happy to have summer plans set in concrete (i.e. already reserved and paid) I’m nervous about the fall.  I don’t want to go back to Miller’s Kampark for the winter, because it’s not an ideal location at all.

While there are RV parks at almost every turn, for some strange reason they are all not in good neighborhoods and since I spend 85% of my time alone I don’t really want to stay in a bad neighborhood.  Also not all parks allow semi-permanant stays…  Sigh, so back to square one.

Ok as I was typing this got a call from the RV park that I made a reservation at for my step-daughters college graduation.  The website gave the impression that it was a ready to RV park, but the guy that called was like some spots have water and electric but no sewer, and only 30 amp electric at that and our rig is 50 amp.   Then he proceeded to tell me that the only spot he could fit me in, has electric and sewer but no water.  So I think I’m off here to go and look for another RV park.  Story of my life lately.


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