Is it really only Hump Day?

Well boys and girls, is it really only Wednesday? It feels like the week that will never end.  As I sit here getting ready to spill my guts, I realize that the only reason I pulled this up to write, was to complain.  Have I really gotten that old? That the only interesting thing I have to discuss are my ailments? I mean seriously? I’m tired, my feet are swollen to the point of pain, can’t sleep, have arthritis and let’s see what else I can catalogue for you? (see I had to get them in) I just don’t know anymore.  My husband parroted that back to me the other night and I didn’t understand why, but now maybe I do.  I never feel good anymore, I’m only 42 but I feel like I’m 102.  So consequently I’m always telling someone I don’t feel good, even though I hardly see my husband apparently all I ever tell him is I don’t feel good.  Is our diet soda swilling, late night TV watching, Netflix binging society finally taking it’s toll? Or is it just that I’m fat, lazy and unwilling to do anything about except complain?

It’s an interesting thought…  Should I as they say “shut up & put my big girl panties on” or should I blame society and sit back and enjoy the my righteousness?  I’ll have to percolate on that I guess and see what answer I manage to come up with.  But going down that road also leads me to the questions like, why did they stop teaching cursive writing? I know everything these days is typed, posted, tweeted and the like but still I do occasionally have to “sign” my name and it makes me wonder what the younger generation is doing?

I was talking today to my hubby as he drove to work, that we are the last “manual” generation…  We didn’t have digital cameras, so our photos were limited to the “roll” of film in the camera, then there was waiting for funds and time to drop off to have said roll developed and then you got to see what kind of photos were actually taken, no instant gratification for us, oh no.  We also didn’t have caller ID and still had to rotary dial a phone number…  can you imagine a kid from today having the patience to do that? We had stick shifts in our cars, we had to sign our names in cursive, we had to wait until after 9 p.m. to call long distance and then we had to sit in the kitchen or living room in full hearing of your entire family to have a phone conversation.  If we wanted information, we had to go to the library and use the card catalog to look it up.  If you had encyclopedias you were RICH!  While I do appreciate Google and cell phones and text messages (because frankly I don’t like talking on the phone all that much anymore) I miss little things like card catalogs, picking up the pictures and going through them waiting for the next little surprise.  And quite frankly slamming down a phone to hang up on someone, way more satisfying then hitting a little red button!


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