Wow, it’s Sunday!

Yes world wide web, I’m blogging on a Sunday! It’s unbelievable I know, but here it is.  Yesterday we registered for our 8th year riding in the largest March of dimes ride in the country.  Yes, we are riding in the annual Bikers for Babies run in Kansas City. It’s an awe inspiring site.  There are usually over 6000 bikes that participate in the run.  It’s enough to make you realize how small you are.

Yesterday it was also a very funny type of day.  The hubby and I had stopped for lunch in Liberty, as we were leaving I told the hubby “Let’s stop by Doc’s RV park and see if our friends Connie & Doug are home” They are full time RVers but since they are retired, they actually travel around the country and see the sites for months at a time.  But since their family is based here, they come back and spend a few months here as well.  As we pulled out of the parking lot, guess who drives by? Connie & Doug! We pull out behind them and follow them to their favorite spot at Smithville Lake.  We hung out with them and some of their friends who were also camping out at the lake.  It was a nice evening.  Then me and the hubby came home and crashed, watching movies all night.  I like the cuddle type of nights.

Now as Sunday morning turns into Sunday afternoon, I’m prepping to go tie dye with my friend Brandy, also working on my other friend Molly’s t-shirt quilt.  I’m having a very productive day so far.  My husband makes fun of me because I chronicle the chores that I do..   For example, I have showered, made breakdfast, made the bed, laid out my clothes for work and filled my vitamin holders for the week with my meds.  Oh and I’ve blogged (insert laughter here) Having said that, my fingers are swollen and I’m dressed like a homeless person on their way to Wal-Mart… 

Enjoy your Sunday!


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