Ah yes I’m present!

Dear Lord!  You ever have one of those days where everything is crap? I mean all your relationships are crap, no one loves you etc…  Your spouse is the worse human being ever, treats you like crap and doesn’t love you? Your kids don’t even recognize you as their mother? Your extended family only want to use you? Now on any given day the above statements aren’t even remotely close to being true.  But that one random day and nothing and I mean nothing is right with your world? Your job sucks and you can’t manage to do it right anyway.  Your family extended and otherwise wouldn’t care if you dropped off of the face of the earth at this moment…  Your friends only want to use you for whatever they can get from you…  Yes if you can’t tell I’m having on of THOSE days.  It’s not true of course, my husband is a good man, but like any other human being he has his flaws and I love him despite them or in spite of them depending on what day it is…  My children, well they are good kids, flawed as are the rest of us, but I believe in the good in everyone so… (except for today)

It’s just one of those days.  I don’t quite understand them, I don’t understand why my brain does this to me.  I mean seriously, life is hard enough without my own body & mind turning against me.  Isn’t it funny how on these days you can make a numbered list of all the things that are going wrong? How many medical problems you have? How many mental problems you have? How many financial problems you have? How many things on your to do list there are? It’s like one more thing and you’ll explode!!!  But on a good day you’re happily juggling all of these things with apparent ease, and you’re full of love and happiness?

I know that most men would say I’m just being hormonal and it’s my “time” of the month.  I won’t deny it, but I won’t endorse that line either.  Because mainly this doesn’t happen to me every month therefore that refutes the male theory.  Ah well, all I can do is hope that this day passes quickly and after a night of sleep, my brain will reboot like a good computer and life will be ok again.


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