4th of July!

Ah, it’s our nations birthday!  I love this holiday, I love the smell of charcoal burning, meating sizzling and BBQ sauce carmelizing. Yum!  I also love the taste of cold potato salad, macaroni salad & cole slaw.  My husband smoked some pulled pork, ribs & pork tenderloin.  I’m sitting here typing this with a pleasantly full tummy, watching the movie The Waterboy, while my hubby and step daughter are sitting on the other couch laughing and joking around.  Yea, it’s a real nice holiday.  No drama or fighting or bad feelings…

Going to get up soon and clean the kitchen, of course our RV kitchen is rather small, so thankfully it won’t take long.  Now it’s just down to waiting for sunset so we can go & see the fireworks.  I love the fireworks, back in the day I was all about what I could light myself and set off…  But with the arthritis in my hips and knees I’m not all that interested in lighting and running anymore.

Of course I’ve sent the pre-requisite happy 4th of July text messages to friends and family.  I’ve also posted the pics of fireworks and flags on multiple social media outlets…  Now I’m writing my blog, which I find hilarious that no one reads but me, but I continue to write blurbs.   I hope one day to acquire at least one follower.  Although perhaps the reason that I don’t have any is my writing is sporadic for one and not interesting enough for 2.  Ah well, I will continue to try and impress someone, whoever that may be.

The summer seems to be speeding by.  I can’t believe it’s already July!  June seems to have gone by in a blink.  Well I’m going to enjoy the rest of my national holiday and next week of vacation.  Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!


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