I have a huge rant…  I’m kind of glad that no one reads my blog, because I want to say this out loud but I don’t.  So this as close as I am going to get.  I AM NOT A BIGOT OR A RACIST! But the next sentence that I type would probably get me called that if anyone saw it.  I DO NOT CARE IF YOU ARE GAY OR TRANSGENDER!!!  For the record I am a heterosexual, in case you cared, which I doubt.  Because no one cares unless you’re gay or transgender.

Why do I have to know who you get naked with? Why do I have to care?  I don’t understand!!!  Can’t I just like you for you? I mean I don’t give out sexual details about what I do in bed, I’m not offended if you don’t care…  I don’t think you’re a bigot if you don’t care that I’m heterosexual.  I mean gay people don’t agree with what I do so does that make them a bigot?  If people not of the my race, don’t like me does that make them a racist?   I understand that people need to be free to live their own lives, I’m all for that.  I just don’t care about your private life.  Does anyone remember what that means?   That means that you don’t have to selfie it on to Facebook, it means that you don’t Tweet it, that means that only you know certain things about yourself and possibly your significant other…

I wish I could go one day without being called the Great White Oppressor.  I mean seriously, I am a white, middle aged, married heterosexual.  I am not the dominate anything anymore.  I have all kinds of friends, gay, African American, etc…  I love them all big and small and frankly I don’t give a hoot who they sleep with unless of course someone hurts my friend, then we plot all kinds of evil karma over a lot of booze!

Okay well now I feel a little better I just wish that someone would see this and understand.  I love my friends for their personality not who they bump their genitals together with.


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