Ah the weekend!

It’s late Saturday night or early Sunday morning depending on how you want to look at it.  Today are the twins birthday.  Austin & Nicole my step kids turn 19 today.  My hubby is out fishing with a few buddies and I’m sitting here making to do lists and trying to get my “chores” done…

I went to Ikea today with my friend and my cousin.  We spent over 4 hours walking through and viewing all of the wares that are for sale.  Pretty neat place but my dogs are barking after walking around for 4 hours.  Then we went to the Avenue which is a plus size clothing store.  I bought a dress!  For those that know me that’s a shocking statement.  But I have 2 dear friends that are getting married in 2 weeks so I bought a simple but cute black dress to wear to their ceremony.  My husband will be shocked as well I can’t think of a time that he’s seen me in a dress…  I mean other than my house dresses that I wear to scrub the toilet.  

I am currently sitting in my RV that I know live in full time, listening to the rain patter against the roof.  I love that sound, but what’s funny is that my husband finds the sound of the rain on the RV roof annoying.  I am trying to get my husband’s car cleaned out, but the rain has been delaying that particular chore, considering that it rained all day today as well.

Well considering the time I guess I should get some more things done so I can lay my weary body down to sleep.


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