It’s been a while since I’ve posted, I feel like such a bad blogger…

Well the house is under contract, we’ve moved the majority of what we are keeping out of the house.  Now I need to go over there and bag up trash & do some cleaning…  Avoiding it, not sure why though.  My son is still staying at the house he is going to move in with his grandmother when the house is officially sold.  Getting settled in our RV at the trailer park we are in for at least the winter.  Maybe longer, maybe not who knows?

I ordered my Halloween costume last night, as much as I enjoy dressing up for Halloween (yes I’m aware the I’m 40) but I truly enjoy dressing up.  It sucks being 40 and fat.  While there are thousands of costumes out there for adults, they appear to only want the thin, sexy people dressing up.  I feel discriminated against.  Especially since I live the in one of the fattest nations in the world, you’d think the costume industry would catch up!

The first year my hubby and I dated, we went to a costume party with his roommate and it was awesome!  Ever since then we’ve been on the hunt for a costume party to attend at Halloween each year.  We even went so far as to fly to Delaware to go to his sister’s party which turned into a kid party (which is fine for the kids) but for me and the hubby it was pretty boring as we didn’t know anyone and we didn’t have any little kids so… Now the next logical conclusion would be to host our own costume party right? We’ve thought of that, but my hubby’s family is on the east coast, he travels for his job so his local friends can be counted on one hand.  Plus being “men” feel that a costume party is too “gay” and wouldn’t attend.  As for my friends they are always busy so we both feel that any party we try to plan would be a flop!  So the search ensues.  We thought about trying to get one of our friends who knows “everyone” to host one, but that crowd drinks a LOT and I’m not in the mood lately to deal.

We live in the KC area so the fact that the Royals are going to the World Series is very hot right now.  We’ve been invited to attend a World Series party with theme appropriate food to watch the game.  I’m hoping that we have fun, because frankly life has been very boring lately and I’m dreading the holidays coming up, so…  Well anyway hopefully my next check in will not be so far in the future.


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