O what a day!  It’s Monday for sure. 

We are officially parked in what I term “our winter spot”.  We are still living in the RV full time, it’s an adventure to be sure, but it’s starting to feel like home too.  It’s been a while, but it’s really starting to sink in that this is my home now.

Well my husband is on the road yet again…  Sigh, I know this is his job, he had it when we met so its nothing new.  I’m not really tired of  the job per se, but I am tired of how much…  I know that doesn’t make sense, but basically I don’t mind him being gone a few days here or there.  But lately he’s gone Monday through Friday, he comes home exhausted on Friday night and falls asleep almost within 2 hours of hitting the door and then Saturday & Sunday well needless to say life gets in the way.  What I mean by that is, laundry has to be done, toilets need to be scrubbed, groceries need to be bought etc.  I am experiencing a severe case of empty nest syndrome and it’s made twice as hard when I’m experiencing it alone.

Good news despite the above paragraph…  The house is under contract and hopefully will be sold  and done by October 15th.  Which means that we need to pack and get storage set up for the stuff that we are going to keep.  I’m looking forward to it and at the same time dreading it.  I hate packing and moving.  Yet I’ll be glad not be split between 2 places anymore.  Again I’m nothing but one big contradiction but I can’t help myself.

I’m also struggling with diet…  Not really diet but changing the type of stuff that I’m eating.  Hubby is trying his best to eat better and take me with him.  I’m resisting, it’s not that I don’t want to lose weight and be healthy I do, but frankly I want to do it by eating what I want and sitting on my ass.  Knowing that is not possible (where is a genie when you need one?) I still have issues with just plopping over to the good and light side.  I am not sure why I am holding on to the yummy bad stuff? I have all kinds of theories that make me look good at least for reasons in my mind anyway.  But frankly as always it’s a stupid reason… 


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