It’s Hump Day!

It’s been the week from hell.  My boss is making me want to live a padded room, my husband is in Denver for the week, so I’m lonely. 

I’ve gotten my coupons clipped, not filed…  Having said that let me explain, I’m an extreme couponer.  Me and my friend have been doing it for over a year now.  We’ve saved thousands of dollars.  We get name brand stuff for cheaper than generic prices.  We are very proud of ourselves and we enjoy living a life of name brands for prices that make generic look expensive.

My husband and I have also started a workout routine, or at least we’ve joined a gym and I’ve been working out a couple of times a week.  it’s hard to eat right, when it’s just one person…  Plus a lot of the time I’m tired and don’t want to cook, not to mention I’m a horrible cook. I feel like I’m swinging all over the place today…  My mind is like a ping pong ball!

Good news, we have the house under contract.  So hopefully it’s officially sold! Closing date is supposed to be October 15th.  So please keep your fingers crossed.


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