Hump Day????

Yes it is the veritable Hump Day…  I wish that was literal, I am a middle aged woman for those of you over the age of 35 you know what I mean by that statement.  My husband travels quite a bit for his job, so I’m left on my own quite a bit, which makes being a middle aged woman rough (you know what I mean, wink wink)

I’ve been looking and reading other bloggers just checking out what’s being written…  and not to insult anyone but dang, it was enough syruppy sweetness I was starting to get nauseous.  Folks are using the blogs I’ve seen as some sort of healing process, I feel like I shouldn’t be blogging because I’m not talking about healing, or dealing with a special needs child, or dealt with infertility.  Is it enough that my kids & step kids are healthy? They all have graduated high school, they are all in some form of becoming an adult…  some are headed to college, 2 are in college, 2 are working full time…  My husband and I are selling our house to become full time RVers and I still work full time…  Not exactly an interesting life, but dang.

I wish I had some profound pearl of wisdom that I could wax poetically about and that would help someone out of a difficult time in life, but quite frankly I’m not that special.  I am a midwestern, working mother.  Like thousands of other woman out there.  Does being like everyone else, make me less special as a human being?  It certainly feels like it. 

Can you tell that there is a full blown pity party going on? I’m tired and not afraid to show it…  What I find really funny is the desire to add LOL and 🙂 to my blog…  I mean seriously, can there be an aspect of my life that doesn’t include LOL or :)???


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