House for sale!

Today I spent the day at my house packing and doing laundry.  We have our house on the market because we are hoping to become full time RVers…  Living full time in our fifth wheel camper.  We haven’t retired yet, so we will still be living locally but with the ability move when we want.  There was a showing at the house, there is a couple that is very interested and I’m hoping they buy the house.  Having said that I’m apprehensive about selling it to.  Right now my 19 year old son is living in the house while we are living in our RV at the lake.

I’m excited about starting something new, but it’s scary too.  This summer is a series of changes and I’m playing mix it up…  I’ve quit smoking, my husband and I are starting an exercise routine to become as he puts it “smaller people”.  Plus we are following Dave Ramsey’s plan to become debt free.  Truth be told we’ve been doing Dave’s plan for 2 years now.  It’s amazing how much debt you can clear out when you put your mind to it.  I don’t mean to become an infomercial for Dave Ramsey but what can I say it works.

Right now I’m sitting in my camper, watching “Eight Below”…  I love that movie, of course as my husband rolls his eyes at my love of true stories.  I know that I’m all over the map tonight, it’s late so I’m blaming my bad writing on that.


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