Today just doesn’t appear to be a good day…  I’m exhausted, my boss is getting on my last nerve and I have to see my alcoholic ex-husband and his crack head girlfriend.  Now you might think that my descriptive powers of these two is mean and petty but no, it’s actually just an accurate description.  If I was being mean and petty there would be plenty of other things to say.

My husband is in Atlanta this week, so I’m pretty much wandering around all by my lonesome.  Not a big fan of that.  Also my soul sister (or the other half of my brain) as my husband refers to her, is having drama with her brother.  He’s pretty much been a jerk since birth, which is hard to pull off in diapers, but he managed.  Trust me I was there! He’s got yet another girl pregnant which he now constantly fights with.  This is apparently due to the copious amounts of alcohol he apparently ingests.  So at the ripe age of 30 he’s checking into rehab, again I say that rehab doesn’t cure jerk, but I digress.  I am also trying to sell my house, anyone out there wanna buy a single family home? Please let me know.  Ok now that the shameful plug for my house has been done, back to the main story.  My house needs some TLC, so doing a short sale and working with a very mean little realtor to try and sell it.  Now we are trying to decide what to do about the roof (sigh) will this ever end?

I realize that my life is probably pretty tame compared to others, I’ve had my share of drama, pain etc.  So I’m not really into a pissing contest but there it is.  I have no idea why that crossed my mind except my S. S. had a liver transplant 3 years ago, so basically it makes me feel petty sometimes that I’m stressed over certain things, when if she hadn’t gotten her transplant when she did she’d be dead.  How can you go against that? Or having said that just because you’re problems aren’t life threatening doesn’t mean they aren’t important, blah, blah, blah! Ugg I swear some days it’s not worth getting up…  Ok enough rhetoric for today, better get some work done before the boss see’s this looks it up and reads it…


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