Uhmm what do I say?

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 Hi, my name is Sharrla this is my first attempt at writing a blog.  I love to read and watch movies and everyone is always talking about their blog.  So as I was contemplating starting this I had visions of grandeur.  You know like the movie Julie/Julia how she started blogging about her attempt to cook all of Julia’s recipes, she had all of these followers, her saga was made into a movie etc…  One of my favorite authors is Janet Evanovich, I literally laugh out loud as I read each new Stephanie Plum adventure, I have also started reading Nick Spalding where he writes a story but it’s written as the characters blogs.  Again I have tears running down my face as I read each “blog” from his characters, so again my “mind” sets me up and makes me believe that I can set up a blog and write my way into some random stardom.

My husband and I are going through a transition period right now.  Between us we have 5 children and the last 2 kids (twins) have recently graduated from highschool and are getting ready for college in the fall.  So as the kids find their feet and move off into their future, I’m left with what do I do? My husband is a field service engineer and he travels quite a bit, so I’m left here to do whatever it is I can find to do.  I like to sew and embroider, but we are currently getting our feet wet in the RV living and because of space constrictions it doesn’t make for a sewing friendly environment.  Ah well…  I know my writing is choppy and all over the place, but I’m hoping that will improve over time.  Well I hope you enjoy hearing about my Midwest life…


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