All caught up

I am what I call an easy sale. What I mean by that is I watch an infomercial and I’m the schmo that will dial the toll free number to order it. Or at least I want to. You give me a half way decent sales pitch and I’m off and running.

I love to craft… Given our living situation I’m trying to keep my hobbies to a minimum. So I sew quilts, crochet/knit and embroider. They are inter twined so that helps. The point to all of this is, now that I am learning more and more about the embroidery machine I bought last year, I’ve been searching online for embroidery blanks. Now you may ask what is an embroidery blank? Well it’s an item that’s made to be embroidered. Like a bag that the side seams haven’t been completed so you can embroider it first, a beer koozie that hasn’t been sewn up the sides, etc.

I am sitting here forcing myself to NOT start ordering blanks. I have a pattern for zippered bags, Easter eggs & hats that can be completed in the hoop. I have supplies for these and here I am about to order more! So again I say, I’m an easy sale. I get caught up and then I’m off to the races.

I love to make things for people. No I don’t charge people, I sincerely enjoy making items for people. It warms my heart to know that they derive pleasure from using what I make for them. I even crochet quite a bit to donate. My grandmother over loaded me with thrift store yarn, so it’s random bits of yarn and I use it to make stuff that I donate to those in need.

So hopefully I’ll be able to use the supplies I have and complete projects, without getting caught up and over extended with something new.


Swirling thoughts

I don’t know how much anxiety you might have, I know some have more than others, but seriously? Who else experiences severe anxiety when certain thoughts run around your head and won’t leave? I sometimes have a thought, usually not a pleasant one start it’s route around my gray matter and then it’s off to the races.  When I say that, I mean a bad thought enters my brain and then like a song that gets stuck on repeat, it keeps going round and round.  Then when it does that, it kicks off my severe anxiety and then with the thought circling my brain, my stomach starts rolling.

Well my hubby and my best friend are at odds.  I am right smack dab in the middle and because of this my anxiety is at an all time high.  Neither one will give, they have both dug in their heels and are DONE! And the bad thing is that both of them are being snarky and yelling mean things at me! Instead of each other.  I really wish they both would stop and make up with one another.  I don’t know if the whole time heals all wounds will apply here, because quite frankly they both hold grudges like it’s an Olympic sport!  I mean seriously they both state that they are positive, happy people.  But quite frankly they are both currently being butt heads and my stomach/ulcers are not going to be able to handle it, if this keeps up for any amount of time.

Now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest, hopefully chatting about a different topic will help alleviate the anxiety.  But I’m still working on Weight Watchers #weightwatchers I can’t believe I just put a hash tag in my blog! I went to the weigh in last week and on my first week I’d lost 13.2 pounds!   Such a happy dance! Hubby has done the program with me and he also lost weight, but not to steal his thunder I won’t reveal his weight loss amount.

Ok well back to the grind!

And so it begins…

Well ladies and gentlemen, I’ve joined Weight Watchers… My friend talked me into it. I then in turn talked my hubby into it. He’s always complaining that he’s over weight and that I did it to him, so I talked him into doing Weight Watchers with me. Of course he’s not tracking his points like he should, which is driving me crazy, but he says that he’s keeping track in his head. Ha! I doubt that, but I don’t want to push him to hard or he will quit so.

I’ve had a very productive day and I always feel good when that happens. Today I got the camper cleaned up, after taking a road trip to Kansas City leaving my hubby alone for over a week, it took a while to get stuff put back together and cleaned up. I shooed him out of the camper to do 2 weeks worth of laundry guilt free. I also made a to do list for tomorrow, which as everyone knows I LOVE my to do list.

I made an adjustment to my embroidery machine and managed to complete one started project. My friend was supposed to have downloaded a project to my flash drive, but she was having technical difficulties, in other words she kept saving it under the wrong type. So apparently she did it to mine as well, so she downloaded it to a memory stick and I’ll pick it up tomorrow.

Since I have an order for a rag quilt, I decided to work on it since I couldn’t complete the embroidery project. I like making quilts, but the rag quilt is pretty simple so its pretty monotonous. I am trying to complete projects before starting new ones, but frankly it’s hard when I see something I really want to do. Speaking of, my friend has her own long arm quilting machine and she’s said that she will teach me how to use it so as soon as I complete a quilt to do on it.

Well I since this post has been all over the map tonight, I’m going to sign off… Have a great Monday!


Well, we got home Monday afternoon. I don’t know why a 9 hour drive turns into a 12+ hour drive when you have a truck camper on the truck, towing a boat. But it does, I cleaned out the fridge the first night, brought in clothes etc the 2nd night… I’ve been doing this piece meal and so far the all that’s done is make the Alfa a mess.

On the upside I’ve got the quilt blocks for February done. The downside to that is, one of the corners of the blocks is wrong. But I’ve ripped it apart and sewn it back together more than once, so I left the defect in the block and called it done. It’s a pretty block, so I’m ok with it. It’s symmetrical so it’s not bothering me too bad.

I’ve made significant progress on the virus shawl for my old neighbor. She’s got breast cancer and she’s a tiny lady who is always cold. So I figured she’d need something to keep warm during the chemo treatments etc.

There is drama with my Grandma, I’m not even sure I’m up to typing it here. I’ve repeated it a couple of times and so basically I’m pooped. I’m planning a trip to my Grandma’s with my Jen at the end of March. I’m wondering about our plans considering she and her husband currently have the flu… But I can’t go without her, we only have 1 vehicle so…

Well I guess it’s time to make my to do list for this weekend and a honey do list for the hubby (wink, wink).

Life happens, I guess…

Well we hit the road. We packed up our truck camper and hitched up the boat and headed to Atlanta for a week. We have a few friends in this area and thought it would be fun to get out of Louisiana for a bit.

Working in the truck during the drive wasn’t a fun option, but I did it and we made it here. During the drive hubby’s feet and my own swelled up, which was hugely painful (sigh).

We arrived on Thursday afternoon, we dropped the camper and took the boat over to our friends house. He had kindly agreed to let us park the boat there because the RV park we are staying in said a big, fat no to parking the boat on their property. But there the problems started, his street is very narrow. His driveway also very narrow and the entrance is flanked by a mailbox on one side and a telephone pole on the other. So needless to say we couldn’t get the the boat onto his property without taking out his mailbox or damaging the boat on the telephone pole. Luckily he is good friends with his neighbor who has a circular driveway and we parked it there for the night with her permission.

Our friends made us a wonderful dinner and unfortunately that’s when my digestive problems started. You know when you feel like you have to go? Well take that feeling and times it by 100. I literally ran to the bathroom clutching my butt cheeks together for all I was worth. Thankfully we’d been there before so I knew where the bathroom was. Luckily I made it! I’ll spare you the gory details, but needless to say it wasn’t pretty. It also turned out that was the first of many trips I would make during our dinner that evening. Our friends are early to bed type folks, so dinner wasn’t long and drawn out. It’s only a 20 minute drive from our friends home to our camper, but I’m telling you, that was the longest 20 minutes of my life. Also on our way home, my mouth started watering, and everyone knows that means? Well I literally thought I was going to puke while trying not to poop my pants! I was relieved that I managed to make it back to the camper without incident. We got home, I laid down and felt instantly better. I thought the nights issues were over.

Got up the next morning and was working from the camper. Hubby went and picked up his friend and they went out on the boat to go fishing. While I was at the camper, my stomach appeared to have settled and all was right with the world. Hubby came over and picked me up because we were having dinner at our friends house again. We got there and I was snacking on the veggie plate, while our friend was smoking chicken breasts. Which turned out very yummy by the way. Halfway through dinner, my gastric distress rears its ugly head. I again start running to the bathroom frequently. A side note, our friend had recently had a kidney removed and he was recovering from surgery. He started looking very run down, the boat trip had apparently been too much. So I looked at hubby and was like “It’s time to go home” we put on our shoes and hit the door. So again it’s a 20 minute drive from hell. I didn’t think I was going to make it to the camper. Hubby says stop at the convenience store I need to get some bottled water, because our water hose port was leaking and we were using tank water, which the tank hadn’t been flushed recently so we weren’t too keen on using it to brush our teeth. Also the water heater was having issues so I hadn’t been able to take a shower. So the thought of pooping my pants and not being able to take a shower to clean up had me in a sheer panic! I am sitting in the truck nervously waiting for hubby to come out so we can go home, when my gut starts to rumble. I’m getting very nervous that my butt is going to beat my hubby out of the store. So I am happy to say that I made it home in time.

I am not sure why this trip is so far been such a disaster, but it has. I am now in day 4 of stomach issues and it’s not stopping. Hubby is busy fixing shorts in the power cords, he did get the water issue fixed so I was able to shower and poor thing wants to do something fun, but his friend isn’t feeling up to it and I can’t be too far from a restroom so…

Pray for us that we pull it together and have some fun before we pull up stakes and go home.

Things that make you go hmmm…

Well it’s Saturday night, I’ve just finished watching a Bob Ross painting show on Netflix. Now I’m snuggled up in my bed, waiting for hubby to join me. My mind is racing and with tomorrow being Sunday that means I don’t have to work, so I should be productive with the list of things that need to be accomplished here in the homestead. But honestly (sigh) I’m not sure… I did manage to drag the hubby out of the house to watch a movie at the theater but quite frankly getting in and out of the truck, plus sitting in a movie seat was too much. I mean it’s only been a mere 8 days since I had my hysterectomy, but since I’ve been sitting in my recliner ever since I got home I was feeling pretty good. But apparently I was not as good as I thought. I was hurting pretty bad, so I crashed in the recliner and watched TV.

Hubby did a little work, and then came in and made us dinner. We spent the evening watching bad TV on Netflix and then I gave up & came upstairs. He’s in control of the remote still watching TV downstairs. So I’m thinking tomorrow I need to get some stuff done here in the camper in preparation for the move… but is it too soon? I mean I barely made it out of the theater… Well not the dramatic but still… So should I rest? I mean when I look around the camper, I see things that need to be done, things I can’t currently do myself because of my surgery, but mentally it’s like nails on a chalkboard. I want to get up & get stuff done!!! I’ve never been this anal and/or OCD before but in the last couple of years certain things get under my skin and it just drives me INSANE!

Hubby tells me I stress myself out & under certain circumstances I can’t disagree with him… I have several quilts in progress, plus several crochet projects… I have a long list of things I want to make, but sometimes I start something random, because I can.

Well I guess I will decide what to do when I get up in the morning and will go from there… Wish me luck.

Ok, it’s 2019…

I know I haven’t written in a few days, 2019 has been eventful. First of all I was changed to a new boss and a new organization. My new boss is out of Dallas, I’ve only spoken to him for a few minutes. This raised up my anxiety quite a few notches. The admin that I’m replacing is still sitting right outside of his office… Luckily he hasn’t said anything about me moving to Dallas, to be honest I’m scared. I mean in the last 14 months my job has changed 4 times and I’ve had 3 different bosses. So I’ve always got a medium anxiety level where my job is concerned.

Event #2 in 2019, last Thursday I had a hysterectomy and tomorrow I will get up and “go” to work. Now in all honesty all that means is I’ll be going to my recliner and login to my computer. I’m actually not doing too bad, I didn’t even have to take a pain pill today, so I consider that a personal victory.

Event #3 in 2019, the day before my surgery we received a 14 day notice to vacate the RV park we are currently living in. They’ve sold the park and want everyone out. I explained that I was having surgery so they are giving us an extension which is great, but I can’t lift anything, hubby is still unable to lift anything over 20 pounds. Just an FYI the hitch for the RV is 200 pounds!

Event #4 in 2019, my dear little neighbor, she’s a little weird, but a sweetie. She’s been having serious pain in her breast, I’ve been encouraging her repeatedly to go to the doctor. I even gave her my gyno’s name & number, she finally went. The news isn’t good, they are pretty darn sure that it’s cancer and that it’s bad. The biopsy is tomorrow to get the details. It’s not my event, but she’s a sweetie and so I’m hoping and praying and sending good thoughts her way.

Well it’s late and I’m all cleaned up & ready to go. I hope your 2019 is great! Ok, maybe not great but at least is it’s not as eventful as mine.

Rain, rain, go away!

Well it’s been raining for a few days now and ugh!  I am so ready for it stop, the gloom is getting to be a bit much.  Also the mud pit I have to walk through to get from the car to the door is getting treacherous! I am glad I am no longer in the land of snow and ice, but geez, do I have to be washed away in a constant downpour of rain?

Also it’s the beginning of the year.  In the grand scheme of things that’s a good thing right? A fresh start, resolutions to follow to make your life better…  Or in my case it’s the start over of your insurance deductible.  I’ve spent the morning on the phone scheduling PT for the hubby, setting up my hysterectomy which will hopefully kill the deductible for the year.

Ok I’m trying to get some work done, so let’s see if that will happen.  Happy New Year!

It’s 2019!

Well it’s a new year!  The holidays are past once again and it’ll be another year before stress and worries set in.  I enjoy the holidays but lets be honest, the pressure to make sure and spend time with family, the list of folks that a gift is required for gets longer every year…  Then you spend a small amount of time with each person whether you like them or not and give gifts.

Some of the events I truly enjoy, others feel like obligations.  But either way it’s a good time.  After 12 days of not working I will admit it’s hard to come back to work…  although with it being a short week and everyone has been off too it’s a light return to work day…

Well this will be a short entry, have to get back to work…  Also don’t seem to have a lot to say?

You better not pout, you better not cry…

Don’t you hate it when you have something planned and then a little time goes by and poof, it’s gone! I was sitting in my recliner this afternoon and actually had started a great entry in my mind… cute title and the first paragraph basically wrote itself. A little time goes by, I get stuff done and I come upstairs and get ready to write and I can’t remember what I had so carefully planned out! I mean seriously! I am 44 years old and zip!

Well I am anticipating Christmas this year just because I get to spend it with the hubby. But I do have a question, is it bad to be disappointed when I don’t get any presents? Ever since I’ve had kids, I’ve been the last person on people’s list. I don’t know how I came to rest there but I have. I go out of my way to give gifts to people in my life, because frankly I enjoy it. I enjoy making people happy by listening to them and giving a little something that means something to them and they enjoy. I don’t expect something in return, but it’s hard not to be disappointed when everyone is opening gifts around me and enjoying it and I’m sitting there like the dunce in the room because no one else had money, time or opportunity to purchase anything for me and because I am soooo easy going I am at the end of the list, which as everyone knows is the first to be left out.

My hubby, God bless him, is bad at buying presents. He has good intentions but again he knows that I’m easy going and he’s a little bit of tight wad, when it suits him (haha) and he doesn’t like being forced to do something. While he does give me the occasional gift throughout the year it’s not the same as getting something on a specific date, signifying something special. So my birthday is embarrassing because if I don’t say something in advance it’ll go by unnoticed, he plainly states repeatedly that he doesn’t do anniversaries and again Christmas is usually a pain… so I have no idea why I am excited about Christmas, I’ve purchased and wrapped gifts for the hubby, they are under the tree and I know he hasn’t even left the house to purchase anything for me. He even said tonight that oh, Christmas is next week? He had no idea that it was this close…

So I’m trying to retain the Christmas spirit and have a good time, wish me luck!